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Hiii…!! guys I am ANUJ GUPTA of class IX-C sudying in Manava Bharai India International School. My hobbies are to play Basketball, Cricket and other outdoor games. I am good in drawing and basketball. On this site I am responsible for data collection, presentation, drawings and etc.I have other team mates too with me which you can see on the welcome page… pankaj said….!!!!!


In my opinion for "saving the tigers" i think we should make a rally for this….which should also been telecast on the different news channels like delhi aajtak…….etc. We should also try to make awareness in other countries as well where the killing of tiger is more as compare to any country.If any person trys to kill and tiger, then he/she should be arrested and should be heavely fined some of 2,000 Rs.The making of shoes of tiger skin should also been banned.We should also take part in "Aircel save our tiger movement" as just 1,014 tigers are left. We should also connect to other agencies or compines to help us in the "save our tiger movement as they can sponser us doing rally consistuently after days, weeks or months. We should connect with "aircel" as they are trying to save tigers more than us and we can tell them that all can help them as sincerly as they are doing with other companies by making camps…..of save our tiger movement………….as per them.

Lastly who ever see's this page I request him/her to please become the member of this site or "" too.You can contact me at " moc.liamg|43junaatpug#moc.liamg|43junaatpug ". Moreover I just want to say that lets rock…… and make this site popular as much we can more than samvedna.

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