Ujjawal Chauhan


hi ! I am UJJAWAL CHAUHAN of ix - c studying in Manava Bharati School.
I am interested in reading novels , playing football , surfing the net, listening music.
My aim in life is either to become a commercial pilot or an aeronautical engineer.
On this site i am responsible for survey,project making, Powerpoint presentation,drawings.


My team mates are pankaj jha, prabhjot singh , anuj gupta, saadhika sharma, yashmeet kaur and me . We have chosen SAVE OUR TIGERS as our topic for physics work and I ,along with my mates , am working sincerely on it. I am contributing ( through this project) in saving the tigers. The tigers which forms the national heritage of the country are being killed cruellly and need to be protected.In my opinion, i think that people should realize that the tigers are dying due to humans as they are hunting them for their skin, statue etc.In my opinion for "saving the tigers" i think we should make a rally for this…. which should also been telecast on the different news channels like delhi aajtak……. etc. We should also try to make awareness in other countries as well where the killing of tiger is more as compare to any country. I am contributing by making the people aware of the harmful effects that would be caused by killing the tigers.I ( along with other members) am taking the help of other agencies , programs & campaigns which are involved in the protection of tigers.lastly

I just want to say that lets rock….!!!! and make this site popular as much as we can.

Read more: http://news.icbse.com/save-tigers-97#ixzz0suayoXupur.

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